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Absolute Value
Addition OperatorAdd (set)Anonymous Function
Arc CosineArc SineArc Tangent
Array ClearArray CloneArray Contains
Array FillArray Index Of
Array InsertArray Is EmptyArray Join
Array Last Index OfArray LengthArray Maximum
Array MeanArray MergeArray Pad
Array PopArray ProductArray Push
Array RemoveArray Remove AtArray Remove element
Array ReverseArray Shift
Array SliceArray SortArray Sort Copy
Array Sort Custom CompareArray SumArray Unique
Array UnshiftAssociative Array
Associative Array Get Value
Associative Array Remove Value
Associative Array SetBase64 DecodeBase64 Encode
Bitwise And OperatorBitwise Or OperatorBitwise Xor Operator
Bytes To HexadecimalCC++
Clear (associative array)Clear (set)C math.h
Coding StandardsCommand Line Arguments
CommentsConstant Class VariableConstructor
Contains (set)Copy FileCosine
CRC32Create DirectoryCreate URL Query String
C SharpC Sharp ExampleC Sharp System
C Sharp System.String
C stdlib.hDeflate Compress
Deflate DecompressDelete FileDestructor
Division OperatorDo While Loop
EEnds With (string)
Escape HTMLExponentiationFile Exists
File SizeFilter (array)Finished Pages
FloorFor Each (array)For Each Index and Element (array)
For Each Index (array)For Each Key (associative array)
For Each Key Value (associative array)For Each (set)
For Each Value (associative array)For LoopFunction
Function DefinitionFunction OverridingGet character
Get Keys (associative array)GlobHas Key (associative array)
Has Value (associative array)Hexadecimal String to IntegerHMAC MD5
HTTP RequestHTTP Temporary Redirect
If Else StatementIf StatementIncrement Operator
InheritanceInstance FunctionInteger To Binary String
Integer To Hexadecimal StringInteger To StringIs Array
Is DirectoryIs FileISO 8601 Date Time
Is StringIs String DigitsIs String Lower Case
Is String Upper CaseJavaJava
Java java.lang
Java java.lang.String
Java java.mathJava java.utilJava java.util.Hashtable
JavaScriptJavaScript Array
JavaScript Example
JavaScript Math
JavaScript Number
JavaScript Number.toPrecision
JavaScript Number.valueOf
JavaScript String
JSON EncodeLast Element in Array
Last Index Of (string)Left PadLeft Trim
Length (associative array)Length (set)Levenshtein
Logical And OperatorLogical Not OperatorLogical Or Operator
Logical Xor OperatorMain PageMap (array)
MaxMD5Merge (associative array)
MetaphoneMinModulus Operator
Move FileMultiplication Operator
Not a NumberNull
Object Oriented ProgrammingParent Class ConstructorParse Float
Parse IntegerParse ISO 8601 DateParse URL Query String
PHP Arrays
PHP chrPHP compact
PHP Control Structures
PHP date
PHP die
PHP echoPHP empty
PHP Example
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